Inclusive Communities Campaign

Our first step in the creation of a new creative strategic plan is to understand the client’s objective and distill it down to its essential core. To do this we examine the client’s ask, available research, and information regarding the environment that the client occupies. In this case the client is a GoC ministry involved in day- to-day issues concerning immigration.

A warm canadian welcome

Quiller and Blake created "A Warm Canadian Welcome" utilizing focus group results, client input and ministry approvals. The approach was developed to evoke empathy by showing a first hand account of both the new immigrant family finally making it to their new lives in Canada and by their new neighbours extending a warm welcome to their community.

The campaign

Along with :30 and :15 second pre-roll spots, :30 second radio in English and French were developed to support the campaign. During the shooting of the video, the cast was also photographed for use in the digital portion of the campaign which included out-of-home, location digital screens and an extensive online presence including the Ministry's web page. All elements of the campaign were produced in both official languages.